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Technical Rescue Rope Systems Primer
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Technical rescue teams respond when the situation is especially difficult and requires significant resources to be deployed.  

Examples of rescue call outs:
  • ​Following a vehicle roll-over into a ravine, the victims are rescued via motorized means
  • ​Evacuation of an injured worker from a location that is difficult to access
  • ​Helicopter rescue operations in mountainous terrain
  • ​Lost hikers in canyons and steep terrain with little to no way out
There are hundreds of other examples we can mention. The bottom line here is that a team can never train for everything, so there is critical foundation of what and where to start.  

Technical Specifics:
  • Technical rescue teams have to operate in a variety of terrain types and have a mastery of progression and belay techniques on rope
  • ​When the terrain allows, downward evacuation is preferred because of the gravity-assist
  • ​Upward evacuation is a team effort that requires perfect coordination by everyone involved and demands techniques which are sometimes particularly complex, such as creating a haul system using lightweight pulleys, or counterweight techniques
Block and tackle systems
Confined Space Systems



"Our team successfully navigated the wreckage of overload by simply getting back to the basics.  Thank you Rescue Response Gear"
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