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Operational Skills

Technical Proficiency

 Safety Practices

Courses LEVEL 1

The Cornerstone Knowledge & Perception
The Art of Rope Rescue Coaching
​Gear In Use 1-8
​Knots Craft
​Anchors & Anchor Systems
​Force Multipliers
​Mechanical Advantage Theory
​Edge Safety in Search and Rescue
​Conversations in Rigging
​Belay Systems
​Litter Operations
​Midwall Pickoffs
​Personal Skills and Climber Rescue
​Elements of Rigging

Courses LEVEL 2

A Guide to AHD and TTRS
​Introduction to TTRS and AHDs
​SAR Advanced High Directional Skill Sets
​The Vortex Guidebook
​Advanced Rigging Physics 1 Vectors & MA
​Advanced Rigging Physics 2 - Equipment
​Advanced Rigging Physics 3 - Friction
​Mainline Systems
​Elevated Anchor Systems
​Cave Rescue - Small Party Rescue Rope
Fitness for Technical Rope Rescue Techs
NFPA 2500

Courses LEVEL 3

Horizontal Rigging 
​Gin Poles/Monopods
​Confined Space Rescue 1 - Awareness
​Confined Space Rescue 2 - Operations
​Confined Space Rescue 3 - Technicians
​Tower Rescue Technician
​Tower Rescue for Emergency Responders
​Tower Rescue for Tower Workers

Rescue Members

Fire Departments

Search and Rescue

"Access crucial rope rescue and rigging courses with the Essentials Field Guide App. 

Master techniques and build a community to gain 80% of the essential skills for success in rope rescue."
Key characteristics of a technical rope rescue technician include:
  • Expertise in Rope Systems
  • ​Advanced Rigging Skills
  • ​Comprehensive Training
  • ​Problem Solving
  • ​Physical Fitness
  • ​Team Collaboration
  • ​Equipment Proficiency
  • ​Adherence to Safety Standards
  • ​Certification
A technical rope rescue technician is a highly skilled professional specializing in advanced techniques crucial for emergency rope rescue operations in challenging environments. 

Key skills include managing rope systems, mastering rigging, and ongoing training commitment. These professionals excel in critical thinking, adapting to ensure safety in dynamic situations. Prioritizing fitness, effective team communication, and strict safety adherence underscore their dedication to high professional standards. In essence, a technical rope rescue technician is crucial for safety in high-risk environments.

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